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Foresight Imaging Support

Foresight Imaging Support

Foresight Imaging is your high performance OEM imaging partner. We are a major component of your finished medical device or defense imaging system. With this, we take technical support seriously. During your application development, we provide both technical support and application support from our software development team. All of this is designed to help you development your finished application faster. And after deployment, our team is there to assist with any internal or field technical issues.

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For additional Frame Grabber & Video Streamers technical support please contact us.

Software & Documentation Downloads

Software download for AccuStream 1000, 1000 SDI, 1000 LF, AccuStream Express 170, 75, 50; & AccuStream Express HD+, HD 75+, SD 50+;

IDEA Software 64-bit

Version:  3.6
Release Date:  April 30, 2024
OS:  Windows 10 & 11

IDEA software version 3.6 - 64-bit

Complete download of the 64-bit version of the IDEA version 3.6 software for use with AccuStream Express 170, 75, 50; and AccuStream Express HD+, HD 75+, SD 50+ boards.

Download (248MB)


Provides full details for changes in the v3.6 release, supported platforms and boards, upgrade instructions and other important release information.

Download (301Kb)

Note: In order to receive technical support on software development kits and libraries, users must purchase a user’s license or upgrade license. For additional information, please contact the sales department.