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Video Splitter – Standard (includes switching power supply for 50/60 Hz)

The Video Splitter is an extremely high performance 1-input, 2-output analog video distribution amplifier designed to split a single RGBHV signal into two paths. The Video Splitter is intended for applications that require absolutely no signal degradation when one video source must be sent to two destinations. This device has separate amplification circuitry for each output, avoiding a signal degradation problem commonly encountered when splitting a video signal. The amplifier circuitry within the Video Splitter provides 75 Ohm termination to avoid reflections and a fast slewing amplifier to maintain a quick settling time. Both of these are imperative for maintaining proper video signal integrity.

A typical application for the Video Splitter is for the testing and verification of VGA-based computer systems. Users may require the video source to be simultaneously input to a board for acquisition and to another monitor for display. Additionally, any time that a video signal has to travel a considerable distance and be split, the Video Splitter may be necessary to maintain signal quality. With the Video Splitter, the signal is buffered and then amplified back to the proper video level without altering the signal integrity to either of the two target devices.

Video Splitter Data Sheets & RoHS Statement

RGB Inputs/Outputs
Maximum input voltage
+/-5 volts
Input/Output Impedance
75 Ohms +/- 1%
O dB with 75 ohm termination at the load
Amplifier Settling Time
12 ns, maximum to 0.1% with a 2 volt step when driving 5 ft. of RG-59U cable.
5% typical with a 2-volt step
Differential Gain
<0.06% maximum
Differential Phase
<0.02 degrees maximum
Output short to ground
Indefinite period of time without damage
3 dB Cable Length
400 ft. using RG59
350 MHz (3 dB point)
H-Sync, V-Sync Inputs/Outputs
Maximum input voltage
-0.5 to 5.5 volts
LS TTL Schmitt Trigger
HIGH-level input voltage (VIH) min
2.0 volts @ 20 uA
LOW-level input voltage (VIL) max
0.8 volts @ 0.4 mA
Output series termination
33 Ohms
HIGH-level output voltage (VOH) min
2.7 volts @ 0.4 mA
LOW-level output voltage (VOL) max
0.35 volts @ 8 mA
Output short to ground
Indefinite period of time without damage
2 MHz
Miscellaneous Specifications
BNC Female
Power Requirements
12 VDC, 250 mA max