Legacy Products

November 21, 2017

Due to the obsolescence of some components, we are unfortunately now forced to obsolete the AccuStream 205a and AccuStream 170+ boards. As of today, there are two customers still actively using these PCI bus boards. All other customers have upgraded over the last few years to our PCI Express (PCIe) bus successor boards, the AccuStream Express HD+ and the AccuStream Express 170. These PCIe boards provide equivalent or enhanced functionality including greatly improved data transfer speeds. All AccuStream Express boards are supported by our IDEA software development kit and can quickly be supported with a simple upgrade to the latest version of our IDEA SDK.

We are offering a Last Time Buy on the AccuStream 205a and AccuStream 170+ boards. All orders must be placed by January 31, 2018, with deliveries scheduled up until December 31, 2018. All Last Time Buy orders are Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable.

Please contact us with any questions or issues at info@fi-llc.com.


Anthony Molinari

Anthony Molinari
VP, Sales & Marketing