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High Performance, High Resolution Video Capture Boards

For Medical Imaging & Defense Imaging OEMs

Foresight Imaging for Defense Imaging

Your Trusted OEM Partner for Applications in Medical & Defense Imaging

Why Foresight Imaging?

Imaging Expertise

  • OEM manufacturer of video capture boards since 1999
  • Over 100,000 boards produced for OEM partners
  • Focused on medical imaging & defense imaging
  • ISO 13485 certified

High Performance

  • 1.3 GB/second sustained transfers
  • High resolution video
  • Up to two streams of 1080p video at 60 frames per second
  • DVI, HDMI, SDI, RGB, monochrome, analog, standard, non-standard video

Powerful Software

  • Auto-SYNC software utility for automated configuration
  • Software tools: C libraries & DirectShow Capture driver
  • Extensive example programs with source code: .NET, C++, Direct Show
  • Technical support & software engineering support during application development
Foresight Imaging High Speed Video Streaming

High Speed Video Streaming

Our AccuStream 1000 & 2000 products deliver the highest performance with 1.3 GB/second sustained transfers. This satisfies the most demanding medical & defense imaging applications. Up to two streams of 1080p video are supported at 60 frames per second. This includes high performance applications such as surgical recording, angiography, OCT, ultrasound, spine surgery, flight simulation, surveillance, command & control, and much more.

Any Video Signal, Extreme Accuracy

Foresight Imaging video capture boards offer the flexibility of capturing virtually any video signal with one board. No need to choose different boards for different video signals within your application. Choose one Foresight Imaging board, and support all video input types including HDMI, DVI, SDI, high resolution monochrome, RGBHV, standard video, & non-standard video. And experience the highest image accuracy with +/- 0.5 ns pixel jitter, 59 dB signal-to- noise ratio, and 10 bit A/D converters.

Foresight Imaging Any Video Signal, Extreme Accuracy
Foresight Imaging Software Development Kit Options

Software Development Kit Options

Your True OEM Partner: Foresight Imaging delivers software development flexibility to suit your OEM requirements, not just cookie-cutter drivers. We offer a full software development kit with C libraries, DirectShow Capture driver, extensive example programs with source code for .NET, C++, and DirectShow, and our Auto-SYNC application for automated video configuration. We take the OEM partnership seriously and our software team will work with your developers to get your imaging development done right the first time.


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